The best way to get better at tango is a 3 pronged approach: take private lessons, group classes, go out dancing! And have fun while doing all three, that’s very important.

Private lessons:

Every day of the week

Allegro Ballroom – 5855 Christie Ave Emeryville

$95 for 60 min hour with discount

$110 an hour for drop in

Discount for packages!

Most of my students take packages. If you decide to take a package, you get a 15% discount, so it ends up being 95 an hour, again I take care of the studio fee. A package is 10 lessons.

Discount for 2 students! Same price for 1 or 2 students, second student is free.

Group Classes

7:00 – 8:00  Hai Ho teaches the Beg class
8:00 – 9:00  Mirabai teaches Int/Adv class
9:00 – 11:00 Practica with DJ!

Starlite Ballroom: 5178 Moorpark Ave #60 San Jose, CA

$10 for Beginning class
$15 for Int/Adv class
$20 for Both
All prices include the practica.

“Mirabai gave the most amazing classes I have had in a long time. Fun, focused and charming, Mirabai gives you the feeling to shine, no matter what your level might be. I had three years of experience but my partner – an absolute beginner – rose to a level not hoped for if it was not for Mirabai. She absolutely loved her.” – Heinrich