Competition Team

Tango Vida is choreographed and directed by Mirabai Commer. Because I am in Buenos Aires the 2020 team will be directed by Pollyanna Malorni. Please contact her if you would like to be on the 2020 team .


. You need to have a partner. It’s best if you find your own, that way we can insure you like them. If you need help finding one, you’re welcome to take a private lesson from Pollyanna. It’s easier for her to match people when she knows how you dance.

Comp Team 2018

Comp team 2017

Here’s a link to their Sunday night performance at the championships!

They did so well! I am so proud of them.

There was only 1 other team there at the competition so we did a showcase. The competition was well attended and there were many participants in the non-group categories. We were happy to perform at such a nice event in front of 400 lovely members of our tango community.

Comp team 2016

Hello team 2016! Beautiful job. I had the video of this year but the person who uploaded it, took it down. I’ll have to go track it down. Let me know if you know where it is.

Comp team 2015

I don’t have the video of this year either! I’ll keep searching. Love you guys!

Comp team 2014

We won 1st place in both categories in 2014! Best Synchronicity and Best Choreography.

My Performance/Competition Teams have been performing since July 2013. We have done 9 sets of performances since then. 10 Tangos, 1 Milonga, 1 Vals, and 1 Electric Tango.

This picture is right when we found out we had taken 1st in Best Choreography as well. I already have the other trophy in my hand.

Here’s the video:

My teams have competed for the last 5 years at USA Tango Championships. We won 1st place in both categories in 2014. The following 3 years we did showcases, because there were not enough teams to qualify as a competition. Last year a team of almost all professionals came up from LA and stole the trophy. Haha! We had a great time. I love all the people on my team. Their friendship, energy and drive inspire me!