Teaching Philosophy

Dance, so it looks easy.  Teach, so it is easy.

Tango is connection. Connection with your partner, with the music, with each moment.

Know the rules, then you can break them. I want my students to feel comfortable with their dancing. I want them to be able to express themselves freely. To speak the language of tango fluently. To connect with others and enter the beautiful world that has changed my life.

What does it mean to be truly present with each other? It is the connection between two dancers and the music that makes the moment magic. It is the space between the steps that makes it Tango.

Dance for the music. The music exists first, and the steps come afterwards. At the highest level, one creates the steps of the dance as the music fills the room.

In both private and group classes I try to emphasize the technique and musicality that will be most useful to the students at that time. I look at their individual style and try to help them to take advantage of their natural talents. I fill in the gaps in their understanding and send them off to the dance floor.

“Anyone who can make this dance seem easy to someone like me, is obviously doing something right. Mirabai is a very fine teacher.” – Mike