Wedding Dance

Your wedding dance is one of the first memories you’ll create together as you embark on this wonderful journey. Let’s make it special! We will create something that expresses exactly who you are as a couple!

We can create anything you want; from one wedding dance to an entire wedding play!

It’s best to have 10 hours for me to teach you the choreography.

And we can work within the time frame you have. Sometimes, with all the wedding planning, there’s not much time left. We’ll make it work.

The price for 10 hours or more is $95 an hour. If you need to learn the choreography in less than 10 hours, the price is $110 an hour.

Please Contact me  510-394-7478

If you have time, months in advance, you can make a wedding play!

Recreate the story of how you met and fell in love. What a perfect story!

My husband (Micha) and I (Mirabai) did it for our wedding and everyone loved it! If you want to see some/all of our wedding play, you’re welcome to. It’s here! It was so much fun! Ours was 20 minutes. Your wedding play doesn’t have to be as long. I had one couple that made a 6 minute wedding play. It was precious! So very unique to them. I love my wedding couples.

“Mirabai is wonderful.  She helped my husband and I choreograph our “first dance” for our wedding.  With Mirabai’s help we not only had a beautiful “first dance” we had SO MUCH FUN creating it with her.  Even though we are not dancers or choreographers, she made us feel very involved in the creation of the dance itself so it felt very personal.  We seriously have giant grins on our faces through all the pictures as we did throughout all our practices with her.  Thank you Mirabai!  :D” – Reesa

“Every couple should have to do a wedding play! We all want to know the couple’s story!” – Rachael

“That was the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.” – Bill

“We could have paid money to see that! It was amazing. We love you guys so much.” – Jeff

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